Stormbreaker By Vaperz Cloud

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StormBreaker 21700 Triple Parallel Mechanical Box MOD by Vaperz Cloud

Introducing the StormBreaker from Vaperz Cloud, the highly respected mod maker known for their hard-hitting mechanical vape platforms! This innovative device copmbines the classic and user-friendly full safety of a parallel circuit box mod with the signature high performance low voltage drop kick of power that the VC Tech Switch brings to all of Vaper Cloudz' newest mechanical mods. Sleek, ergonomic curves define the bold chassis body, fitting three 21700 batteries into the bottom-loading battery bay, deceiving the eyes as it fits the hand perfectly yet looks robust and sturdy on its own. Its dynamic size and shape make it look good with any atomizer on top, accepting up to 38mm with no overhang. Enjoy the full versatility of a triple parallel mechanical mod in the perfectly enviable form of the StormBreaker 21700 Triple Parallel Mechanical Box MOD by Vaperz Cloud.



  • Fully Mechanical Parallel Box MOD
  • Light Weight Aluminum Chassis
  • Accepts up to Three (3) 21700 Batteries
  • Bottom Loading Latch Door
    • Bottom Contacts Manually Adjusted by Lifting Tabs to Accommodate Height for Different 21700 Batteries
  • Fully Silver Plated Copper Contacts and Internals
  • VC Tech Switch for Optimal Voltage Drop
  • O-Ring to Help Prevent Liquid Inside 510 

Box Contents

  • 1x StormBreaker 21700 Parallel Mechanical Box MOD
  • 1x Card of Authenticity

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an unregulated device. Unlike most regulated devices, unregulated devices will not typically come with a screen displaying information such as your current battery level or an adjustable wattage output (unless otherwise stated). Because unregulated devices lack a “buck and boost” circuit board providing a consistent voltage output, they will output the current voltage of the installed battery as is. As the device is used and the battery loses charge, the voltage/wattage output will drop accordingly and will continue dropping until the battery is either recharged or discharged completely. To ensure the maximum lifespan from your batteries, always pay close attention to the current output of your unregulated device and avoid using your device to the point where the batteries are completely discharged.