We received an award as the Best Vaporizer Store in Marietta last year. We believe we received that recognition not only for the way we serve our community with our products, but also for the way we serve our community as a contributor to the wellbeing of our neighbors. We donated thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer and thousands of hand wipes to schools, food pantries, and shelters and other not-for-profit entities that support our community. We have participated in many charities in our community and will continue to do so. We recognize everyone, from Veterans, First Responders, Health Support Personnel, Law Enforcement, Firefighters as well as Seniors and any other at risk or at need neighbors. This will be a continuing mission on our part to be a vital part of Marietta and the surrounding communities that are part of our family. We hope to receive the Best Small Business in Marietta award next year rather than the Best Vaporizer Shop. We have bigger plans than that.

It is widely understood that quitting the use of all tobacco products achieves the best health outcomes for people who smoke. However, the pharmaceutical smoking cessation methods, (drugs, gums, patches, etc. ) have a significantly high failure rate, even when used as directed. In addition, many people who smoke are unable or unwilling to quit. Harm reduction strategies are more effective and humane than abstinence-only policies. We are aware that vaping is a controversial societal issue.

Nevertheless, we at Valley Vapory commit ourselves to protecting the rights of adults but, at the same time, make every conceivable effort available to protect our youth from vaping. We adhere to constant vigilance regarding age verification. Unfortunately, we cannot monitor what goes on outside our walls but we make every effort to not be naive to our place in our community.

Our commitment is to the health of our public as well as their human rights. We are strong voices against underage vaping and will remain that way for as long as we are in business.